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couple shopping for wine together

Choosing the right bottle of wine is not just an errand … nor should it be seen as an obligation by the man looking to impress his date. Instead, I encourage you to incorporate it into your date night planning - even if your date night plans are to start … and stay at home on a cold winter night! Done right though, shopping together for that perfect bottle of wine can disclose intriguing aspects about your partner. Whether they have a refined palate or simply enjoy a casual glass, their wine preferences will reveal hidden traits of their personality including willingness to try new things, culinary preferences, and even travel aspirations. So, let's take this adventure together. It's time to uncork this exciting journey together!


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Personality Quirks And Preferences You Can Learn From Wine Shopping Together

When you're selecting bottles of wine with your significant other, you can discover hidden aspects of their personality and tastes that might have been previously unnoticed. This sensory exploration not only serves as an entertaining outing but also helps to strengthen your relationship.

"Not all who peruse the wine aisle are experienced connoisseurs; therefore, they might be timid when choosing the night’s bottle," said Brian O'Neill, BevMo! store director from San Diego. "For those shopping together for a special date night sip, I suggest a mild adventure. Opt for a new brand or a different flavor note, but don't stray too far from your usual preferences. This approach allows for a new, shared tasting experience while ensuring a satisfying glass. If you're looking to add a playful twist to spark conversation and excitement, Whiny Baby Wines is a must-try. Their three options - OMG!?!, Unwind, and Obsessed - are bound to set the mood."

If you can't decide on what wine to pick, BevMo! has some great associates that I've found can be very helpful as I explore new areas and try new varietals. While they can be a great guide, the act of working together as a couple to select the right bottle is a fun challenge that I think you guys will enjoy if you give it a try!

Wine Selection Is A True Reflection Of One’s Soul

You're participating in an intimate revelation of preferences as you scrutinize labels and discuss whether to opt for a rich Merlot or a bright Sauvignon Blanc. A proclivity for strong, intricate flavors might imply an adventurous nature, while a liking for light, fruity notes could indicate a more traditional, sophisticated personality. This is not just about wine psychology—it's an insight into your partner's essence.

Wine Reflects Cultural Expectations And Preferences

Cultural factors also have a substantial impact on our wine preferences. If your partner leans towards Italian reds, they might enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle. A liking for New World wines could hint at a respect for innovation and modernity. Thus, observe these minor preferences during your next wine shopping trip. They might reveal more about your partner than you expected.

The Desire To Try New Varietals May Reveal A Willingness To Try New Things Together

While there’s nothing wrong with being a fan of what you already know - I know many people who see themselves as wine drinkers but only like a very narrow expression of what Chardonney can be for instance. Discovering that your partner is willing to try a varietal that you’ve never even heard of before will reveal that other aspects of life can be explored together too and that there’s a level of daring intellectual curiosity that the two of you can share as your relationship continues to develop. 

Date Ideas That Can Start By Shopping For A Bottle Of Wine

Proceeding from discovering your partner's tastes through wine shopping, let's proceed to the enjoyable date ideas that can commence with this delightful activity. Picture a wine-tasting adventure as your initial stop. This can be an exhilarating way to taste new flavors and acquire knowledge about the basics of wine pairing.

As you journey through this process, give thought to your budgetary restrictions and wine shopping manners. Make a choice about whether your emphasis will be on local or imported wines. This choice can sway your wine selection and the entire experience.


Date Idea


Tips for Enhancing the Experience

Wine Tasting and Picnic

Visit a local winery or wine shop for a tasting session, then select a bottle to enjoy at a nearby scenic spot for a picnic.

Research wineries with beautiful landscapes. Pack a gourmet picnic basket with items that pair well with wine.

Dine & Wine Shop

Start with a visit to a nearby wine shop to choose a bottle before heading to dinner at a cozy restaurants or bistro offering BYOB.

Choose a restaurant with a wine theme or known for its wine selection. Discuss your meal and find a wine that complements it.

Wine and Cooking Class

Attend a cooking class where you can also shop for wine. Choose a bottle to use in your recipe or to pair with your meal.

Look for classes that focus on cuisines that pair well with wine. Engage in selecting a wine that complements your dish.

Beach Sunset with Wine

Go to a beachside wine shop, pick a bottle, and then enjoy it together while watching the sunset.

Choose a wine shop near the beach. Bring comfortable seating and a blanket for the beach.

Wine & Art Night

Start at a wine shop to select a bottle, then head to a painting or pottery class where you can sip and create together.

Choose a creative activity that both enjoy. Pick a wine that reflects the mood or theme of the art.

Wine Shop Hop

Spend an afternoon visiting several local wine shops, tasting and selecting a bottle from each. End the day with a tasting at home of your collected selections.

Map out wine shops with different specialties. Keep track of your favorites for future reference.

Wine and Cheese Night

Visit a wine shop, pick a bottle, and then head to a gourmet store for cheese pairing. Enjoy a wine and cheese night at home.

Do some research on cheese and wine pairings. Create a cozy and romantic setting at home.

Wine Shopping & Star Gazing

Choose a bottle from a local wine shop, then drive to a quiet spot for stargazing.

Find a wine that is easy to enjoy outdoors (consider decanting into a plastic container beforehand). Bring a telescope or star map to enhance the stargazing experience.

Historic Vineyard Tour

Tour a historic vineyard, learn about their wines, and buy a bottle from their shop. Spend the rest of the day exploring the surrounding area.

Research the vineyard's history for conversation starters. Plan activities in the surrounding area.

Wine & Bookstore Date

Visit a wine shop to select a bottle, then head to a cozy bookstore where you can browse and discuss books.

Choose a bookstore with a comfortable seating area. Pick a wine that you can casually sip while reading.

Each date idea carries its own appeal, but all integrate the joy of wine shopping. As you go through these options, bear in mind, the process is as much fun as the result. Now, get going and craft some unforgettable memories!

How To Have Fun Shopping For Wine Together Even If You Aren't An Expert

Even if you lack expertise in wine, your wine shopping trips can be enjoyable and highly educational. The pleasure stems from mutual exploration, not only in the physical act of navigating the wine aisle, but also in the wider context of discovering your combined and individual tastes.

Let Your Partner Take The Reigns

Maybe you aren’t an expert but your date might be - let this be an opportunity to learn from him or her and see how well they are able to share their expertise without being condescending or insulting when you don’t know something that they think should be obvious.

Attend A Wine Tasting At Your Local Wine Shop

While wine bars and wineries are a great place to visit for a tasting, many wine shops - big ones as well as smaller too - will post a schedule on their website promoting upcoming wine tasting opportunities. 

Prepare Before You Shop!

Let’s say that neither of you is a wine expert … or maybe both of you are but love to try new things … pick a varietal or a region and research it before the date. In this concept, your goal is to be able to walk your date through a discussion of different types of Cabernet Sauvignon wines from Sonoma County for instance. Your partner will flip things around on you next and discuss what they’ve learned about Bordeaux wines.

No matter what you decide to do … remember … wine is meant to be fun! Don’t look at this like a chore, exploring new varietals, and expanding your horizons is an activity that you can do together and a great way to unlock secrets without having to ask directly.


Hidden Messages You Can Unlock About Your Partner Based On Their Wine Choices

You can find out many hidden aspects about your partner's personality through their wine choices. It's an art of subtlety, interpreting the hidden clues in someone's wine preference patterns. Yet, it's rewarding. These patterns show subconscious choices that reveal a lot about your partner's tastes and emotional associations.

  • Wine familiarity: Does your partner tend to stick to what they know or are they adventurous, always eager to try something new? This can help you understand their readiness for new experiences.
  • Wine related memories: Often, a specific wine triggers a treasured memory. If your partner shares these memories with you, it's a welcome into their past, a signal of trust and closeness.
  • Emotional associations: People often connect specific wines to feelings or events. A fizzy Prosecco may be linked with celebration, while a deep, full-bodied red might bring a sense of comfort and relaxation.

Recognizing these layers can strengthen your bond, transforming a simple act of sharing a bottle into a significant exploration of your partner's persona. So, the next time you're out buying wine, stay aware. You're not just picking a bottle, you're discovering a part of your partner.

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