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Heather and James Hills created this site to help share our own knowledge and personal experience with couples that we've learned over the past twenty years of marriage. During that time, we have become a source of knowledge that many of our friends ask for recommendations from - both in regards to travel but also how we've managed to stay together and tips for maintaining a strong and healthy relationship despite the pressures of working together and traveling together for much of that time and challenges such as recovering from debt, surviving layoffs, and physical as well as mental health issues.

We are far from perfect, but we work hard to improve upon our mistakes. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with our audience here in ways that didn't fit our other sites (,,,,, and we can't do it alone.

Our website here is dedicated to exploring the connections between travel and building stronger relationships. Whether you’re looking to contribute articles, offer sponsored trips, promote your destination by sending us press releases and images, share your expertise as a therapist, or participate in an interview, there are many ways for contributors to get involved. Here are a few of the ways you could be featured on

Guest Posts:

If you’ve got stories to tell or tips to offer other couples, then guest posting is a great way to get involved with the CouplePlaces community. You can write about exciting destinations you’ve visited or valuable tips that others might appreciate about keeping their relationships strong.

Sponsored Posts:

Another effective way to be featured on is through sponsored posts. This allows business owners and bloggers who want to promote their services or products directly from the website itself. It’s an excellent way for businesses that specialize in travel and hospitality to reach their target audience and help turn readers into customers.

Fam Trips:

Fam trips are also available for marketers and journalists who want an up-close look at destinations worldwide before recommending them to others. It's an excellent opportunity for partners in the tourism industry and first-hand experience with CouplePlaces' recommended hotels, tours, restaurants, and more!

Press Releases and Images:

Finally, sending press releases and images to us that we can share on the website as well as use as background information when we are looking for new perspectives or expert sources to reach out to can be very helpful to us and great way for your to get your message out there.

For couples looking for interesting places around the world, or businesses wanting exposure in this niche market, Couple Places provides a great platform! By contributing content such as guest posts, sponsored posts, applying for fam trips or sending press releases – plenty of opportunities are available on this website!