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romantic getaways that are perfect for a spring escape

The United States is home to some of the world's most incredible and romantic destinations. While Paris or Bali might evoke more of a response, from your partner due to the sheer exotic nature of those destinations, we have some of the best romantic spots in the world ... right here in the good ole' US of A. From stunning mountain views to golden deserts, from sandy beaches to vibrant cityscapes - there's something for every type of couple! Here are ten of the best places in the US for a romantic getaway this spring.


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Santa Fe, New Mexico:

This charming city offers breathtaking landscapes, unique culture, delicious food and plenty of romance. Enjoy art galleries, luxurious spas and cozy restaurants for a truly special experience with your loved one.


Sonoma Valley, California:

Wine-lovers rejoice - this picturesque setting in Northern California is home to dozens of wineries and tasting rooms that make for an unforgettable romantic escape. Spend a day touring local vineyards and sipping on fine wines before settling down into your quaint bed and breakfast or boutique hotel at night.


Cape May, New Jersey:

This seaside town is ideal for couples looking to relax away from all the hustle and bustle. Enjoy gorgeous ocean views as you stroll along its boardwalk or take an evening cruise around its harbor under starry skies – it's sure to be a romantic experience!


Sedona, Arizona:

Take advantage of this desert oasis’ beauty with hikes through its majestic red rocks or enjoy luxury treatments at one of its many spas followed by dinner overlooking spectacular sunsets over canyon walls & mesas – it's the perfect spot for a serene couples retreat!


Las Vegas, Nevada:

Enjoy all that Vegas has to offer with shows, gourmet restaurants and world-class casinos - all without having to worry about breaking your budget as many resorts offer discounted packages just for couples looking for a fun adventure in Sin City!


Bar Harbor, Maine:

Located on Mount Desert Island off Maine’s coast, this small resort town offers stunning natural beauty combined with stately Victorian buildings – it's perfect for those wanting an intimate getaway surrounded by nature (with plenty of seafood thrown in).


Oahu, Hawaii:

Whether you want a romantic beach vacation or simply exploring Hawaii’s rich Polynesian culture together - Oahu has something special just waiting to be experienced! Hike through lush rainforests before taking some time out on white sand beaches (or indulge yourselves at one of Waikiki’s swanky hotels).


San Francisco Bay Area, California:

Explore both city life & nature together here in SFBA; spend some time browsing through unique boutiques & bookstores before crossing over into Golden Gate Park & hiking up Twin Peaks (for one of the most beautiful views you'll ever see) or hopping over to Pier 39 after dark where you can marvel at sea lions basking in moonlight beneath stars twinkling above you both!


Savannah, Georgia:

Discover southern hospitality like no other while wandering cobblestone streets past old mansions built centuries ago – sip on sweet tea while watching sunset cruises come into port or take part in haunted history tours any time day or night – Savannah will charm its way right into your heart during this loving getaway!


Acadia National Park & Mount Desert Island, Maine:

Experience untouched nature together as you explore this park filled with trails winding around mountains clad in evergreens and streams meandering by crystal clear lakes; spend some time afterwards relaxing at cozy cottages tucked away amidst thick forests – Acadia will enchant both your hearts when visiting here together on that special romantic escape!

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