relaxing in Durango Hot Springs at winter

James and I stumbled on Durango, a cute little Colorado mountain town, a few years ago because we'd heard about the hot springs in the area. We were on a road trip from Dallas to San Diego, and the idea of spending a few hours soaking our bodies in nature's hot tub seemed pretty cool. At the time, we didn't really know much about what various options were in the area, and the first one was drove by was in Pagosa. It was fun ... it was also pretty much a tourist trap with plenty of kids and a more active group of guests... certainly not a relaxing, romantic escape like we'd hoped. However, just a few miles down the road we discovered Durango and fell in love. It's been on our list of places to return to since. Durango is a quaint, hidden gem nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains that immediately takes you back to the Wild West days of timber, mining, and saloons. They also have a beautiful hot springs resort that would make the perfect "home base" for a romantic winter getaway.


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Snow Covering Outdoor Art Sculpture During Winter

It's A Beautiful Town

Durango, Colorado is a spectacle of awe-inspiring beauty that grabs your attention as soon as you set foot in this delightful town. Situated within the San Juan Mountains, Durango showcases an elegant mix of historic structures and modern elements, sure to leave you mesmerized. The town is in the southwest corner of Colorado, about 330 miles southwest of Denver and 215 miles north of Albuquerque. The area is serviced by the Durango-La Plata County Airport (DRO). Purgatory Resort 30 minutes from downtown Durango, with Durango Hot Springs Resort located halfway between town and the ski resort on the San Juan Scenic Byway.

Walking through the town, you'll encounter well-kept buildings that narrate stories of the past. Their enduring appeal takes you on a journey back in time, immersing you in the captivating narratives they house.

Durango isn't only a repository of history. It's also a haven for art enthusiasts. A myriad of art galleries dot the town, allowing you to appreciate the artistic genius of local and international creators. Each artwork stands as a tribute to the lively culture and talent that flourishes in this serene mountain town.

Lastly, make sure to experience the scenic routes that Durango has to offer. The beautiful trails adorned with soaring trees and remarkable landscapes will astonish you. Whether you're out for a casual walk or a brisk pace, you're assured of a picturesque sight at every corner.

Pergatory Ski Resort Colorado - 1 2 22 BigPowder 2 Christian Ridings

20 Minutes From Purgatory Ski Resort

Durango, Colorado, a short journey away from Purgatory Ski Resort, is an ideal location for your winter getaway. The resort is perched on the San Juan Skyway Scenic and Historic Byway, sitting at an impressive 8,793 feet above sea level. It is a paradise for ski enthusiasts, providing panoramic views and a wide range of skiing terrains. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, Purgatory's 107 trails serviced by 11 lifts can cater to all skill levels.

Purgatory Ski Resort boasts 1,635 skiable acres that welcome an impressive annual snowfall of 260 inches. These conditions guarantee a rich snow blanket for your winter recreation. Apart from skiing, the resort also provides a diverse range of activities like hair-raising rides on the Inferno Mountain Coaster and tranquil snowshoe tours. You can also enjoy a unique meal on their snowcat dining trips.

Accommodation options nearby are wide-ranging and suit all sorts of budget. To make your trip more cost-effective, the resort even offers lift tickets starting at a stunningly low $9 per person on select dates. Thus, Durango, Colorado, is not just a charming town to visit, but also a gateway to Purgatory Ski Resort's thrilling winter activities.

Winter Soaking Courtesy of Durango Hot Springs

Durango Hot Springs Resort and Spa

Have you ever imagined soaking in mineral-rich waters that ease your aching muscles and possess a deep-rooted cultural heritage? If so, Durango Hot Springs Resort and Spa is your destination. This resort, recognized as Southwest Colorado's leading mineral soaking facility, offers you the exceptional opportunity to experience geothermal therapy in its 32 hot springs mineral pools.

These waters are steeped in ancient cultural history, with their therapeutic benefits recognized since 1000-1200 A.D. Durango's waters are unparalleled, enriched with over 32 unique minerals naturally occurring in the human body, all without the typical sulfur odor often linked with hot springs.

The health advantages of these mineral-rich pools are substantial and varied. They range from promoting heart health to reducing blood pressure. They also help to relax muscles and alleviate stress, making it an ideal location for a serene winter escape.

Durango Hot Springs Resort and Spa offers much more than just the pools. It's a comprehensive wellness resort offering a variety of services like a day spa, sauna, casual dining, live music, and botanical gardens. It's an ideal place for relaxation and rejuvenation. So, don't delay. Start organizing your journey to Durango now.

Durango Train Cascade Canyon Winter Excursion

Consider the Durango Train Cascade Canyon Winter Excursion for an unforgettable winter adventure. This roundtrip journey offers spectacular views of the Animas River and the snow-dusted Rocky Mountains. The 26-mile journey takes you through awe-inspiring landscapes and past winter hiking trails, with plenty of chances to spot wildlife.

Your journey starts at the Durango Depot and winds its way up into the Rocky Mountains, providing exceptional views of the San Juan National Forest. The heated coaches guarantee a comfortable journey amidst the winter landscape.

Once you arrive at Cascade Canyon, there's a 60-minute stopover. During this time, you can enjoy a warm fireside lunch, snap photos of the memorable scenery, or take on a snowshoeing adventure along the Animas River.

sleigh riding at bears ranch during the winter Courtesy of Durango Colorado

Sleigh Ride Through Animas River Valley

Experience a magical winter journey as you take a sleigh ride at Bears Ranch through the stunning Animas River Valley. The chilly winter air, shimmering snow-dusted trees, and the tranquil allure of the valley will seize your senses. As you move smoothly through this bewitching setting, you'll see winter wildlife like deer, elk, and birds that make this valley their dwelling.

As the sun sets, a different world unveils itself. Observing stars at night here is a memorable experience. The unpolluted, clear skies serve as a perfect backdrop to view the constellations and the hypnotizing Milky Way. The stillness of the night, punctuated only by the soft sound of the sleigh bells, creates a cozy atmosphere.

Consider including romantic dinners in your plans to make your ride more special. Picture yourself enjoying a gourmet meal under a sky filled with stars. With the fire flickering nearby, you'll toast to love and life, crafting memories that will endure.

This sleigh ride through the Animas River Valley is not just a journey; it's a distinctive experience, combining the splendor of nature and romance in a truly magical way.

drinking wine at four leaves winery during winter Courtesy of Durango Colorado

Wine Tasting Some Of Colorado's Best Wines at Fox Fire Farms and Four Leaves Winery

Take a scenic journey into Durango's finest wineries, starting with Fox Fire Farms, the sole commercial vineyard and winery in the Durango and Pagosa Springs vicinity. What makes this particular vineyard noteworthy is its location atop a stunning 910-acre organic livestock farm, which adds a distinct appeal to your wine tasting adventure. Fox Fire Farms is known for its cold weather hybrid varieties, an uncommon feature among western US wineries. Their selection includes everything from Marquette and Traminette to Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir - all award-winning wines that are sure to impress.

Your winter excursion continues at Four Leaves Winery in Durango, located just 35 miles southwest. As an urban winery, it ensures a warm, intimate wine tasting experience. It's the ideal spot to relax following a day spent in Colorado's snowy outdoors. With a variety of handcrafted wines, each sip will be a memorable part of your romantic winter vacation.

These Colorado wineries are not just venues for wine tasting, they are distinctive attractions on their own. So, gear up and prepare for a winter trip with a glass of Colorado's finest wine. Durango is ready to welcome you!

jewelry at cowgirls wholesale outlet Courtesy of Durango Colorado

Silversmithing And Jewelry Making With Four Corners Gem & Mineral Club

Once you've fully enjoyed the unique taste of Durango's top-notch wines, you could be eager to try something different in this Colorado haven: silversmithing and jewelry-making with the Four Corners Gem & Mineral Club. This remarkable establishment offers a range of silversmithing classes and jewelry-making workshops, providing an interactive, practical experience that allows you to create a personal memento of your romantic vacation.

You'll gain deep knowledge about gems and minerals by being guided by skilled instructors. You'll come to understand the rich variety of gems and precious metals found in Colorado, enhancing your admiration for the state's natural beauty. The workshops provide all the necessary materials and supplies, ensuring your attention can be fully dedicated to the artistry involved.

The practical experience extends beyond just learning. You'll get the chance to use tools and equipment safely and successfully, crafting a piece of custom jewelry that encapsulates your Durango memories. This physical souvenir, sourced from the heart of Colorado's gem and mineral wealth, will serve as a lasting reminder of the romance and adventure experienced in Durango. 

If you can't schedule time for a class - don't worry; there are plenty of boutiques and art galleries throughout the town, such as the Cowgirls Wholesale Outlet, where you can buy some beautiful bling.

dog sledding in front of engineer mountain during winter Courtesy Of Durango Colorado

Dog Sledding At The Durango Dog Ranch

If you're seeking a unique thrill, consider a two-hour dog sled journey through the snow-laden mountains of Southwest Colorado, courtesy of Durango Dog Ranch. Imagine yourself warmly dressed, sliding across snow-laden paths, under the guidance of a pack of Siberian and Alaskan huskies. The snowy escapades you'll undertake are unlike typical experiences, navigating scenic mountain paths seen by only a handful.

Each sled can accommodate two passengers, making it an excellent choice for a romantic trek with your partner. The dogs and seasoned guides Gretchen and Gregg will provide a memorable ride. The adrenaline-inducing sled ride and the steady breathing of the dogs will amplify the impressive landscape and sounds of the snowy wilderness.

This one-of-a-kind adventure, a short 30-minute drive from the heart of Durango, might also include an evening training session with the racing team! They also ensure your comfort - by providing hot beverages, fresh snacks, and shuttle service for a marginal fee. Remember that the availability is limited and cannot be refunded, so secure your sled today for a remarkable wintertime expedition.

womens never summer snowboarding team at purgatory resort during winter Courtesy of Durango Colorado


So, why not plan your romantic winter getaway in Durango, Colorado? It is picturesque town, world-class ski resort, luxurious spa, memorable train excursions, and breathtaking sleigh rides make it a lover's paradise. You'll be able to taste fantastic local wines, craft beautiful jewelry, or even try your hand at dog sledding. Whether you're a thrill-seeker or a relaxation-junkie, Durango offers the perfect blend of adventure and tranquility for your winter escape. We had a chance to visit in early spring as the snow was melting, and it's been on our mind to return ever since.

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