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sex therapy can be an eye opening experience for couples

Sexual intimacy is an essential aspect of any romantic relationship, but it can be challenging to maintain a healthy and fulfilling sex life. Many factors, such as physical health, stress, or trauma, can affect sexual function and satisfaction, leading to anxieties and feelings of disconnection.

Couples sex therapy is a professional and safe environment where couples can address these challenges and improve their sex life. In this article, we will explore five essential things to know about couples sex therapy. We will discuss how it works, why it is beneficial, and how to find the right therapist for you.


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Whether you are struggling with achieving orgasm, communicating with your partner, or coping with sexual trauma, couples sex therapy can help revamp your relationship and restore intimacy in your sex life. By understanding the benefits of couples sex therapy, you can take control of your sexual health and enhance the bond you share with your partner.

What is Couples Sex Therapy?

Couples sex therapy is a professional intervention that focuses on improving sexual relationships, behaviors, function, and health. It is a specialized form of therapy that aims to address various sexual issues and concerns that couples may have, such as difficulties achieving orgasm, porn addiction, infidelity, and sexual trauma. 

The approach to sex therapy involves providing a professional opportunity for conversation, conflict resolution, coping mechanisms, and sexual education. The role of communication in sex therapy cannot be overstated. Certified sex therapists are trained to create a safe and non-judgmental environment where couples can openly communicate about their sexual concerns.

Through communication, the therapist can help the couple identify and address the root causes of their sexual problems. The therapist can also teach couples how to communicate effectively and respectfully, which can improve their overall relationship and sexual experience. Overall, couples sex therapy is an effective way to improve sexual function, enhance intimacy, and strengthen relationships.

Benefits of Sex Therapy

Sex therapy has the potential to improve sexual function, communication, and overall satisfaction for individuals and couples experiencing sexual problems. This type of therapy offers a safe and non-judgmental environment for couples to explore their sexual concerns and devise a plan for improvement.

By working with a certified sex therapist, individuals and couples can learn communication techniques and emotional intimacy skills that can help them overcome any challenges that may be preventing them from enjoying a healthy and pleasurable sex life.

One of the key benefits of sex therapy is the opportunity for couples to improve their communication skills. By learning how to communicate their needs, desires, and boundaries effectively, couples can enhance their emotional intimacy and strengthen their relationship.

Additionally, sex therapy can address issues such as sexual dysfunction, lack of desire, and difficulty achieving orgasm, which can improve overall sexual satisfaction for both partners. Overall, sex therapy can be a valuable tool for individuals and couples looking to improve their sexual health and wellbeing.

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Types of Sexual Issues Addressed

Various sexual issues can be addressed in therapy, including difficulties achieving orgasm, porn addiction, infidelity, and sexual trauma. Common sexual concerns that couples may have include differences in sexual desire and satisfaction, performance anxiety, and communication challenges.

In therapy, couples can learn how to communicate their sexual needs, desires, and boundaries effectively, and develop coping mechanisms to overcome any sexual challenges they may be facing.

Addressing past trauma is also a common focus of couples sex therapy. Sexual trauma can have a significant impact on a person's ability to have a healthy and fulfilling sexual relationship. Through therapy, couples can work together to process and heal from past experiences, and learn how to navigate sexual intimacy in a safe and supportive environment.

A sex therapist can help couples develop strategies for overcoming trauma-related triggers, and teach them how to communicate openly and honestly about their experiences. By addressing these issues, couples can strengthen their emotional connection and achieve a more satisfying sexual relationship.

Finding a Certified Sex Therapist

One way to locate a certified sex therapist is by checking with professional organizations such as the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT). It is important to ensure that the therapist is certified and has the necessary education and training to provide sex therapy.

A certified sex therapist will have completed specialized training beyond their general counseling or therapy education, and will be knowledgeable in the areas of human sexuality, sexual health, and sexual dysfunction.

When considering the cost of sex therapy, it is important to remember that the benefits of improved sexual health and intimacy can have a significant positive impact on a couple's overall well-being and relationship satisfaction. Some insurance plans may cover sex therapy, but it is important to check with the provider and the therapist beforehand.

Online sex therapy may also be a more cost-effective option, as it eliminates the need for travel expenses and may have lower session fees. Couples should also consider the qualifications and experience of the therapist, as well as their rapport with the therapist, when making their decision.

Importance of sex therapy

Sex therapy is recognized by researchers as a valuable and effective approach for addressing sexual difficulties and enhancing sexual well-being. Numerous studies highlight the importance of sex therapy in promoting healthy sexual functioning and improving overall relationship satisfaction.

Researchers, such as McCarthy (2003), emphasize that sex therapy provides a safe and supportive environment for individuals and couples to explore and address their sexual concerns. It offers a specialized and evidence-based approach to assess and treat a wide range of sexual issues, including erectile dysfunction, low sexual desire, orgasm difficulties, and sexual pain disorders.

Online Sex Therapy Options 

Online therapy platforms like BetterHelp and ReGain offer discreet and accessible options for couples seeking sex therapy. With the stigma surrounding sexual intimacy, it can be challenging for couples to seek treatment for sexual problems. However, online counseling provides a safe and therapeutic environment for couples to explore their sexual concerns without the fear of judgment or embarrassment.

According to a study, online therapy can be more discreet, accessible, and cost-efficient than traditional, in-person counseling. Participants in the study reported increased feelings of sexual arousal, satisfaction, and desire after receiving online sex therapy.

Additionally, online counseling allows couples to review materials thoroughly in a private environment, attend sessions using nicknames for anonymity, and choose phone calls or live chat sessions instead of video calls. These features make online sex therapy an effective and convenient option for couples seeking discreet counseling.

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