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Lovebox virtual love note messenger

The Lovebox Color & Photo Love Note Messenger is the perfect gift for couples looking to strengthen their relationship. This unique and thoughtful gift allows you to send messages of love, photos, drawings and stickers directly to your partner's Lovebox. When the message is received, the heart on the box will spin around in delight!


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lovebox app in hand

This meaningful gift is a great way to stay connected with your partner no matter how far away they may be. Whether it’s a long-distance relationship or just an everyday reminder of how much you care, this love note messenger will bring joy and happiness into any couple’s life. The app that comes with the box makes it easy to send messages quickly and conveniently.

All you need to do is open the app (iOS or Android) and you can send your partner photos, love notes, drawings, or even digital stickers. Then once you hit send, the heart on the front of the box will spin, letting you know that a message is waiting inside. 

Once your loved one reads the message on the screen inside, they can close the box and spin the heart to send a cascade of hearts back to your app letting you know how much they loved the fact that you were thinking of them.

The Lovebox also makes a great Valentine's Day gift! Surprise your partner with this special present and show them just how much you care. It's sure to put a smile on their face and make them feel loved and appreciated.

lovebox product review

Overall, the Lovebox messenger is an excellent choice for couples looking to improve their communication skills and make their marriage stronger. With its unique design, thoughtful features, and convenient app, this love note messenger is sure to be cherished by both partners for years to come.

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