Hugo 2 Remote by LELO prostate massager review

In an age where a remote control can handle everything from our TVs to our thermostats, why should our personal pleasure devices be any different? I recently had the chance to check out the Hugo 2 Remote from LELO, an innovator in the world of luxury adult toys. One who frankly has continued to innovate with new technologies while also producing some of the highest-quality toys that we've ever tested. This latest creation is touted by the brand as being a next generational leap for fans of prostate massage and it certainly makes a bold statement in both quality, features, and design. But the question remains, does it really live up to the hype? Stick around as we explore the features, benefits, and potential drawbacks the Hugo 2 Remote prostate massager.

Initial Thoughts On Prostate Play For Couples

Understanding the prostate's role in enhancing pleasure is the first step. It's a small gland located between the base of the penis and the rectum that, when stimulated, can delay ejaculation and intensify orgasms. Partner communication is essential in this journey, ensuring comfort and maximizing pleasure.

Relaxation techniques are essential before starting prostate play. A relaxed body can make the experience more enjoyable and less challenging. Starting with anal foreplay, gradually exploring outer areas before moving to the anus, can help in achieving relaxation.

The world of prostate play for couples can be a thrilling yet intimidating experience and quite frankly it's something that isn't right for every relationship and many couples are afraid to even discuss it since anything related to the backside of male sexuality can be a taboo topic. Regardless, sexual exploration involving anal pleasure as well as prostate play specifically is something that is becoming increasingly popular with younger couples ... and that ultimately opens the ... um ... backdoor for older folks to try too :)

For those who are new to exploring this form of pleasure, it is important to approach it with an open mind, ready for new sensations, an eagerness for intimate exploration and a willingness to overcome challenges while also being prepared to say, "nope, this just isn't for me". Similarly, like other forms of so-called "taboo" sexual practices, both partners must be aligned and willing to try. It can't be something where one partner does it begrudgingly. Despite this, clearly, sometimes couples do things for each other purely out of love for each other, even if it might not be their first choice of activities ... and that's totally ok as well, of course.

While prostate massage does have some potential medical benefits, when it comes to using a product like LELO's Hugo 2 Remote, pleasure is the ultimate goal of your prostate play activities.

Just remember ... lube is your friend here since, unlike the vagina or your mouth, where mucus membranes self-lubricate, the anus doesn't work that way. So, whether you choose to use your finger or a prostate toy for stimulation, remember to prepare properly, move forward slowly, and focus on communicating with each other throughout the process. This journey, though potentially intimidating at first, can lead to a unique and intense orgasmic experience if done carefully.

lelo hugo 2 prostate massager for couples

About Hugo 2 Remote

Hugo 2 Remote and the Hugo 2 (same insertable but without the SenseMotion remote) fits a great hole in the market so to speak. While many male prostate toys are intimidating and designed for advanced users or cheaply made flimsy pieces of plastic making them more of a novelty than anything else, Hugo 2 Remote continues LELO's tradition of producing high quality products that both men and women can enjoy. I think this is an especially important thing to consider since for many heterosexual men, anything related to anal pleasure has a stigma associated it, and quite frankly in this space many of the manufacturers have targetted the gay market.

On the other hand, this device has a beautiful design and material design that is comparable with premium female pleasure toys and is something that is far more than simply utilitarian, featuring an explicitly masculine design.

This makes it a great fit for couples looking to take prostate play to the next level. The Hugo 2 Remote from LELO, with its eight powerful settings and innovative SenseMotion™ technology, might just hit the spot he's been looking for. This upgraded model boasts two motors for unmatched stimulation and is designed to offer more intense sensations, ensuring an experience that's 20% more poweful than its predecessor and potentially that much more pleasurable too.

The SenseMotion™ technology is particularly impressive, allowing you to control the vibratory intensity by simply tilting or moving the remote. This means you can personalize your experience and intensify vibrations to your liking for heightened pleasure. Unlike with many female pleasure toys where the focus is on thrusting or holding a toy against a particularly sensitive spot, this allows one's partner to tease the wearer or integrate it into an overall intimate environment. While some others have remotes, the key here is that this one is designed to be intuitive and easy to use so that it can be part of your overall sexual experience and not something where prostate massage is the only focus.

Finally, one thing that can be a challenge to couples who may have tested the waters with a finger or maybe even a more basic small toy will appreciate is that while this is not "small" ... Hugo 2 is also less intimidating and frankly feels sensual even just holding it in the hand. I think this is a particularly important thing to bring back up again since too many male sex toys feature an almost industrial look and feel. On the other hand, this one is the perfect fit for couples looking to try something together and so that really means that the male partner needs to feel comfortable receiving it just as the female partner needs to feel comfortable using it as well. 

Hugo 2 Remote certainly feels like "part of the family" for couples who may have already included other LELO products, such as the SONA 2 Cruise, TIANI 3 couples massager, or the Smart Wand 2, into their relationship. In fact, for couples who may have started exploring anal pleasure together using a unisex toy such as the SORAYA Anal Beads vibrator, Hugo 2 Remote is an excellent step up for the male partner to more fully experience the joys of prostate pleasure vs. simply stimulating the nerves around the entrance of his anus.

Hugo 2 Remote Is Best For: 

Couples who are already experienced in the world of exploring anal sex on the male partner and may have already tried basic prostate play but are looking to try something a bit more advanced and take their intimacy to the next level with a more satisfying, intense, and personalized pleasure experience.


  • Eight powerful pleasure settings and SenseMotion™ technology allowing for a personalized experience and heightened pleasure.
  • Two motors in the base and tip for unmatched stimulation and more intense sensations.
  • User-friendly with prolonged battery life, ensuring a longer-lasting and seamless experience.
  • Color options include classic elegant black and also green that making it more fun and approachable 
  • Waterproof makes it easy to clean


  • The advanced features may take some time to get used to for less technical couples
  • Fans of the original Hugo prostate massager may be disappointed that Hugo 2 is slightly smaller - but from our perspective, this makes it much better for intermediate couples since it is also less intimidating and feels better in the hand when you initially pick it up out of the box.

Hugo 2 Remote is available on LELO's website for $219 while the Hugo 2 is available for only $179.


SPECIFICATIONSHugo 2 Prostate MassagerRemote Control
Materials Body-safe silicone, ABS plastic Body-safe silicone, ABS plastic
Finish Smooth N/A
Size 107 x 41 x 104 mm / 4.2 x 1.6 x 4.09 in 64 x 26 x 64 mm / 2.5 x 1 x 2.5 in
Insertable length 72 mm / 2.83 in N/A
Weight 157 g / 5.53 oz 30 g / 0.07 lb
Battery Li-Ion 420 mAh 3.7 V 2 AAA
Charging up to 2 h at 5.0 V 500 mA N/A
Rated Power Input: 5 V 2.1 W
Output: 3.7 V 2.5 W
User time up to 1 h N/A
Standby 90 days N/A
Frequency Vibration motor 1: 130 Hz
Vibration motor 2: 108 Hz
Max. noise level < 60 dB N/A
Interface 1 button 3-button

Now that we've taken a look at Hugo 2 Remote, let's do a quick overview of how best to use it properly. 

Tips For Successfully Having A Prostate Orgasm

Exploring the world of prostate orgasms can open up new territories of pleasure, and with the right guidance and the HUGO 2 Remote, you're well on your way. This journey not only enhances your arousal levels but also contributes to your prostate health.


Make sure to get warmed up before going straight to work on the prostate. In some ways prostate play requires a similar approach that women need for vaginal intercourse to be the most pleasurable. It's about mindset, and setting the tone with some foreplay and teasing before you dive right in. Before that even starts, though, try to evacuate the area and make sure to clean up with an enema or even just clean it from a bidet toilet seat so that the area is as clean as possible. Not only will that help to reduce messes and smells but it will also make things mentally better since that's one less thing for you or your partner to worry about.

Then also make sure to have everything you need handy so you can have fun without interruption. That includes plenty of lube, towels to cleanup, and of course anything needed to help with her pleasure as well should you proceed from prostate massage to other sexual activities.


The anal sphincter is designed to hold things in - not be stretched out for extended periods of time while something is stuck there. That's ultimately where a lot of the taboo nature of anal sex play comes in since it's literally an unnatural process.  However, if you are properly relaxed, in a comfortable situation, and with a partner who is willing to take time to insert it properly, those same nerves designed to sense when they need to relax and allow stuff out can be pretty pleasurable letting things in too.

Similarly, plan ahead for a time and place without distractions that may cause you to clench. For instance, while couples may be ok sneaking time for a quicky romantic encounter when the threat of kids causing distractions, if you are worried that your son or daughter might scream for attention at any moment that is far from an ideal time and place for trying Hugo 2 Remote to stimulate a prostate orgasm.


One key pleasure technique involves experimenting with speed, position and pressure. Hugo 2 and Hugo 2 Remote are both pretty good in terms of design to both feel comfortable in the anal canal as well as the tip but firm, thick, and long enough to reach the right spots. However, it still requires a bit of patience to reach the exact right spot since ever man's anatomy is a bit different. Likewise, even if you reach the right spot ... each man has a different level of comfort when it comes to how intense of a sensation is desired. This is ultimately where it becomes a fun couples activity to use the remote and HUGO 2's different settings to find your sweet spot.


Remember, communication is essential to making an activity like this a pleasurable encounter. Just like with any other sexual exploration, you can't expect that your partner knows how you are feeling at all times, so don't rush. If you need to go slower - tell her ... if you want it positioned a bit to the right ... tell her. While this inherently plays well into a Dom / Sub play - it's also a great opportunity simply to have a shared experience that is purely about pleasure and not control. 

couple getting ready to try hugo 2 remote prostate massager

Conclusion: Couples Looking To Explore Prostate Play Should Consider Hugo 2 Remote 

To sum up, the Hugo 2 Remote prostate massager from LELO certainly lives up to the hype. It's a versatile, powerful, and well-designed device that can seriously elevate your intimate moments, whether solo or with a partner. With careful use and practice, achieving a prostate orgasm is genuinely attainable and utterly satisfying. It's a game-changer in the world of sexual wellness and a perfect opportunity to try something different that can help improve communication skills and bring your intimate relationship to the next level. So, if you're open to new experiences and want to try something new, I can't recommend the Hugo 2 Remote enough.

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