ways that you can show your spouse that you still love her

It’s easy to lose track of time when we’re in a long-term relationship, and it can sometimes feel like we need to put in extra effort to show our spouse that we still love them. Even small gestures of affection can make a huge difference, so here are ten subtle ways you can show your spouse you care.

Tell Each Other 'I Love You' Every Day

A simple ‘I love you’ goes a long way! It reminds both partners that their relationship is still a priority for them and helps keep the flame burning even after years of being together. It also reassures your partner that they are appreciated and loved no matter what.

Have Regular Date Nights

Spend quality time with your partner without interruptions or distractions (like phones, TV etc). This helps you reconnect while catching up with each other's lives and the worries joys you face every day. Plus - doing something different than usual (like trying out new restaurants or going on weekend getaways) adds an element of surprise which often keeps things interesting!

Leave Thoughtful Reminders Throughout The House

Leave post-it notes around the house as little reminders that your spouse is loved; this could be anything from "Have a great day at work!", "Take a break!" or "I appreciate all that you do!". These small messages will make them smile and let them know how much they mean to you throughout the day.

Focus On Simple Acts Of Kindness

Surprise your partner with random acts of kindness – from bringing breakfast in bed on Sunday mornings to washing their car for them when they least expect it — these little gestures will make them feel special for sure!

Create Unique Codes Only Known Between The Two Of You

Create unique codes between yourselves so that even in public settings, you still show your love through subtle yet meaningful exchanges; these could range from secret looks, signals or gestures that only the two of you understand — this ensures privacy while still conveying your feelings without saying many words!

Appreciate Each Other's Differences

Couples often take each other's differences for granted. Still, these traits should be celebrated instead as they help bring balance into relationships add an element of unpredictability – something which can spice things up occasionally keep couples together longer term! So make sure to express appreciation when noticing something new about your beloved one every now then - this works best even if it includes trifling topics like favorite foods or color preferences etc. …

Give Unexpected Gifts

Gifts don't always have to be expensive - whatever comes from the heart counts most!. Surprise your wife by having her favorite flowers delivered at work (even if it doesn't coincide with any particular occasion!. Or maybe share her hobbies interests more actively too by getting tickets for shows / music events related to those topics she likes best — these thoughtful presents easily demonstrate how much time effort was taken just thinking about her needs - making sure she feels cherished beyond measure!

Talk Positively About Yourself Others Around Her

Our words carry immense power, so remember to communicate positive messages whenever out with friends or family around your spouse — this may include encouraging self-talk which reaffirms your own confidence value system and speaking kindly about those around her which echoes respect towards those individuals too…

Make Plans To Do Something Special Together

Doing something new with someone we love is always exciting -- Pick activities based on both partners' interests and use large chunks of time dedicated solely towards one another as an opportunity to enjoy each other's company again; try taking a cooking class together, planning an outdoor adventure, signing up for dance lessons, etc ... Allowing yourself moments away from daily routines can potentially reignite passions within couples who have been together for many years already ;)

Express Gratitude Regularly

Sometimes we forget how much our significant others do for us on a daily basis — Letting go of concerns during times like these allows us both partners to express gratitude towards one another sincerely too — Be vocal about appreciating meals cooked, errands run, morning tea brewed … etc. These kind words go a long way in establishing trust showing respect between both partners, bringing couples ever closer over time! :)

In conclusion, expressing our love doesn't always have to be extravagant. There are plenty of ways in which couples can express their feelings through small yet meaningful gestures such as compliments, gifts, secret codes, etc .. By utilizing some of these methods, couples can remind

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